Allow Me to Introduce Myself

     Hello potential new fans and welcome to the page! I have an entire bio that I'm sure you took the time to read (hint hint), but if you didn't here's some background information about me with some more intimate details. In case you didn't know, I am M.Gardner. Born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, MI (6 mile and Gratiot area). What up doe! . I am an only child that was blessed to be raised in a 2 parent home. My father was a supervisor for the Detroit Wastewater and Sewerage Plant in addition to being a master mechanic, contractor, and landscaper. My mother works for Chrysler. Other than my Mom having some rhythm, neither one of my parents have a musical bone in their body, so I'm not sure where mines came from. I am left-handed, which tends to be a common trait among musicians, artists, and creators. Sometimes I forget and have to write with both hands to remind myself.

     Music has been always been a big part of my life since I was child. I had one of those Moms that would play music REALLY loud, REALLY early on a Saturday morning while she was cleaning up the house. No sleeping in for me. I was awakened to the sounds of Michael Jackson (all time favorite artist), Jackson 5, Temptations (all time favorite group), Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, and several other artists of her era. I used to hate being awakened like that, but as I got older I've come to appreciate how listening to those albums helped diversify my taste in music. With the exception of those who grew up with me, here's a little secret about me that many people don't know. Most people see me, notice I'm a big guy, and automatically assume I was an athlete in high school. This is true, but I was also a band geek. BIG TIME. I played in my school band and orchestra, church orchestra, marching band, competed in the solo and ensemble festivals, got an opportunity to train with a member of the DSO, and went to band camp twice (shout out to those that went to Blue Lake). I played the clarinet and the bass clarinet. Yes, the clarinet. I know there will be jokes. I said it, and I'm owning it lol. Not ashamed at all, I was a decent player. I can play an instrument proficiently, and most people can't. I'll tell you the story of how that came about at a later date.

     So, I think that's enough for a first entry. I know I didn't talk much about the music, but that will be one of the many topics of discussion I have planned for this blog. I'm very interested in your feedback and if there's something you would like to know about me or would like me to discuss feel free to contact me with some interesting topics. If you haven't already, follow/subscribe to my social media pages. There are links on the right side of the page. Check out the album. Add it to your playlist, share it, even if it's just one song. I'm looking forward to getting know you guys as you get to know me.


Take care,


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