I wanted to take a break from talking about my origin story when it comes to producing and talk about something I noticed during the process of putting this album together. I had a hard time coming up with an album cover. I had an idea in my head, but trying to describe to someone what was in my head was a little tough, not to mention it wasn't being done in person, but over the internet. During this process,  I tried out several people.  I gave them an idea of what I was looking for with some examples of the concept I was going for. I also let them come up with a mock-up on their own based on the concept I provided. During this process I noticed a trend. When I provided the materials, I included the usual: artist name, album name, a pic of me, and two pic examples of the concept I was going for. What I didn't include: genre, lyrics, music, or song titles. Every person that provided a mock-up, with the exception of one, included a parental advisory, explicit content logo on the cover. I told all of them that I didn't need it, but I wondered what made them think I needed one even though they hadn't heard the music, didn't know the song titles, or knew the genre. For all they know, this could've been a purely instrumental album with no lyrics at all. I asked one of the them do you normally put the parental advisory logo on all the mock-ups. They said no, not for everybody. So I asked why me. He said I don't know, I just assumed based on the music. Um....what music? I didn't bother to pry further. I didn't like what they came up with anyway so I moved on, but it got me thinking. Now, the title of the album is "Divergent". Nothing really to pull from that. Only thing left to make the assumption was the picture I provided, which is the main photo on my website, and my profile pic from Facebook, which is a wedding pic of me in a tux. So, best guess is they saw the pictures and automatically assumed I was a rapper, and being a rapper I was going to use explicit lyrics. 
     Question: Is it fair or foul to make that assumption based on looks?  It that the expectation when they see a male black artist/musician? I kind of find it discouraging if that is the first impression they get from someone who looks like me. What do you think?

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